Sunday, August 26, 2012


The Webb farm as it looked shortly before the family moved out.-see correction in the August 27 post.

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The Webb farm is owned by Highlands and this is how it looks today. This IS correct

Remember this the next time Highlands spouts off about this being THEIR community.

This is what the locals do when they purchase a surplus house.  They fix it up and rent it out, to improve housing stock for people who then remain in the community who build capacity by volunteering, sending their kids to local arenas and sports team, attending church, shopping locally.


  1. Can someone please tell me if city council approved Highland’s official plan and zoning amendment applications?

    I need to know for sure.

    These applications were filed with city council on March 4, 2011.

    If possible, can someone reading this contact city council or the town CAO and find out for sure and let me know on here.


    1. Fact check this yourself. Call Melancthon township tomorrow.

  2. Carl Cosack26 August, 2012

    What a great truth you tell here, what great pics you put together. I do not know who you are, but thank you for highlighting these actions.
    Carl Cosack

  3. Lowndes lives in Oakville, Klarman in Boston, Izhakoff in Miami and Scherer in Ohio. Highland Cos operates out of a post office box. Their sense of community comes from the dollar signs in their eyes.

  4. More acurately this picture is not of the Webb farm before they moved out. The before picture is not of the Webb farm at all. THAT IS A FACT!

  5. Mea culpa-my mistake, I posted the wrong pic. Will correct it tomorrow night. Minebuster.

  6. Gee, Minebuster, that was a horrible error. You've given the impression that Highland has torn-down perfectly good homes and ripped-out the heart of our community and lied to us and...oh, yeah...they HAVE. So you posted a photo of the wrong house that got destroyed? Big Deal. There are LOTS of others...