Thursday, August 9, 2012


What is interesting about these articles is I don't see any politician telling people there is nothing they can do, to write the province as it is all their fault.  Instead the council is finding ways to stand with their ratepayers.

BURK’S FALLS – Changes have been made to a proposed pit and quarry site at Pegg’s Mountain and it came before anxious residents at a July 25 public meeting.
Ryerson Township residents have been waiting since the fall of 2010 to learn what will happen to the local landmark and now, it is back before them, with amendments to the proposal awaiting approval that are said to protect the mountain face and area wetlands.

BURK'S FALLS – It was standing room only upstairs at the Burk’s Falls Arena as Ryerson Township council was presented with two sides of a debate that could forever change the site of a local landmark.

Ryerson Township held a public meeting on Wednesday, July 25 to consider a proposed bylaw amendment to rezone property on Pegg’s Mountain Road to allow 50 of the 80 hectares of property owned by Glenn Thompson to become a pit and quarry.

BURK’S FALLS – Armour Township is going to play hardball if they don’t get dealt into negotiations that will impact their road.

During a July 25 public meeting relating to the proposed development of a pit and quarry at Pegg’s Mountain in Ryerson Township, Armour counc. Pat Hayes announced a resolution passed at Armour Township council only the night before.

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  1. We are not just 'ratepayers', first and foremost we are residents, citizens and human beings, enough of the political baffle gab.