Monday, December 3, 2012


"Mono is weighing its waste options “before its too late,” according to Mayor Laura Ryan. The new waste system will cost Mono residents 25 per cent more than they pay now.  As well, Mono will pay for 18.9 per cent of the county's waste cost — based on property assessment — but requires 11 per cent of the service."

Read all about it:

And why in the hell were municipalities not doing their due diligence BEFORE this stupidity occured?

What were the figures and reports on which they relied before uploading to the County?

And in another boneheaded move, Melancthon County has been going into closed session for awhile now to discuss a potential sale of land-landfill.

YES, the landfill.

Rumour has it they are looking at developing it into an industrial park.
  • On a wetland....
  • On a landfill site....
  • Miles from an urban/settlement area.....
  • With a crumbling road as the only route......
  • With no servicing....

I can tell you now with respect Melancthon Council, that you better start calling around to people who know about these things, NOT the current contract planner, but, MMAH (Brownfields) and MOE-closing and remediating a landfill, before you spend another thin dime on this.

It will never get approval.

Move on with things like getting a Official Plan in place, a fee to apply for an aggregate license of $1,000 per acre, a demolition control bylaw, a tree bylaw (while you have the chance before another form of a Baupost Quarry is filed) and oh yeah repair the roads.

Your asset management shouldn't be erected signs that say bumpy/rough road.

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  1. Can't believe they are still wasting time and our tax dollars on this.