Saturday, December 22, 2012


So, since 2010 the County has been moving toward uploading waste management from lower tier municipalities.  All the voting took place, decisions made and yet.....according to the Orangeville Banner and my own reading of the relatively few reports about this matter.....  "At the eleventh hour, or in mid-November (2012) to be more precise, county staff learned the ramifications of its plan to upload waste collection responsibilities from its eight lower-tier municipalities in 2013 is going to be more costly for certain municipalities than others."

After it being a done deal, County staff found out the costs.  They are the ones who, presumably under the direction of Council, were to provide all the information to Council so they could make an informed decision.

So who is to blame?

Staff for not providing the cost OR
every single elected official who voted for this stupid freaking idea WITHOUT asking? 

And for the record that would be all County Councillors except Melancthon Mayor and Deputy Mayor.  And later on, after it was a done deal, Crewson asked about costs as well.

And these people (STAFF AND ELECTED OFFICIALS) feel they have the expertise to do the research and make an informed decision about something like a DEEP plant?


(and ps to the Orangeville Banner-I am NOT loving your new on-line format.  It is cluttered and hard to find news articles between the advertisements)


  1. Good grief indeed. Why is Melancthon council even considering allowing Lystek and Southgate to use township road to haul sludge.While at the same time spending $6000 putting up no truck signs and stopping the local taxpayers from using these same roads. Southgate and Lystek should get busy and build their own road from highway #10 as they said they would from the begining

    1. R U serious? Melancthon is going to let Southgate use our roads to haul that shit? How do you know that?

  2. The writing is on the wall County Councillors - step away from DEEP. Recognize that you do not have the expertise on staff to protect your citizens from the real consequences of DEEP.
    If you don't have the common sense - "We the People" do, and just like the mega mine "We" will stop DEEP. So how about you save us all some time and money? Green is good, but Garbage In = Garbage Out...