Sunday, December 9, 2012

Modernization of any Legislation or Regulation means....

In government speak "modernization" means less oversight by the government.

Here are three notices that appeared on the Regulatory repository titled "modernization".

Their appearance on the repository means you still have time to comment:

Modernization of Approvals - proposed regulatory amendments to 5 regulations to update requirements for approvals for various fish and wildlife-related activities under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act
To seek input on proposed regulatory amendments to the approval process for some fish and wildlife-related activities issued under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act.

Modernization of Approvals - proposed Proposed approaches to the implementation of the Endangered Species Act which could include regulatory amendments to authorize activities to occur subject to conditions set out in regulation consistent with MNR?s Modernization of Approvals.
The purpose of the proposal is to provide for a more efficient implementation of the Endangered Species Act through proposed approaches that include regulatory amendments to Ontario Regulation 242/08.

Modernization of Approvals - Proposed Regulatory Amendments to Work Permits issued under the Public Lands Act
To seek input on the proposed regulatory amendments to modernize MNR's approach to issuing work permits under the Public Lands Act.

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