Sunday, December 2, 2012


Marni Walsh has written a moving letter to the editor about the salt of the earth people in Melancthon, noting their accomplishments in stopping the Mega Quarry.

You can read it in its entirety here:

Marni has in her usual modest way, left out her involvement.

At the time that Highlands crawled out from under their rock and people started noticing their conniving ways (January 2009) Marni was writing for the Shelburne Free Press.

She was THE first reporter who wrote about the issue.  If you peruse this blog you will find her articles.  Her writing and support was a true inspiration to all of us in those early days when it seemed like the odds were insurmountable.

She attended Melancthon Council meetings, asked hard questions and made delegations.

She encouraged her local Church to hold forums about topical issues in the community, and the quarry issue was the first one that took place at Trinity United.

So thank YOU Marni!!


  1. Another hero in our fight. When I think of people like John Lowndes, I get SO distressed about the human race. Then I remember about the "Marni's" and it all levels out for me....

  2. Yay Marni Walsh, thank you, thank you for seeing the light and shining it for the rest of us.