Monday, December 24, 2012


T’was a land like no other, fields rivers and streams
The roof of Ontario, all living the dream
Families farming together, jobs and lifestyles in sync
Neighbours helping each other, forming strong links

With visions of mining filling their dreams
Along came Highlands and a PR machine
Daniher and clipboard, Lowndes with his ‘stash
And grand plans to make, ooodles of cash

All through the land, Highlands caused such a clatter
People sprang into action to see what was the matter
To the keyboards they flew and learned in a flash
That Baupost had billions and billions in cash

They demolished the houses and cut down the trees
They bullied and badgered and never said please
Then what to our wondering eyes did appear
A group called NDACT and their mission was clear

NDACT rallied an army who were peaceful and calm
Determined to continue until Baupost was gone
With rallies at Queen’s Park and First Nations Walk
It was no time at all before that big Hedgefund balked

But the fight is not over, to continue is a fact
We must amend the PPS and Aggregate Act
Prime land has to trump over all rock and stone
NDACT has clearly made that very well known

So I say to you now with a heart so sincere
Enjoy Christmas season, but in the New Year
We’ll continue the battle, continue the fight
Until we rest easy cause all’s been put right.

So Merry Xmas to all and to all a good night!


  1. Minebuster is brilliant. Even the analogy in the picture, big bad highlands is santa and the sleeping children clearly represent melancthon residents. Signed, Minebusters mother

    1. Holy crap....something spawned Minebuster as opposed to being hatched in an egg or slithered from under a stone? Who knew?