Friday, December 28, 2012


In this week's Banner, Mayor Bill Hill is quoted as saying: I “I don’t think Highland will be back with a quarry application, but what is the next step in that development? That is an issue for us as well. No question.”

For pete's sake.

Mayor Hill, just a reminder, the limestone is still there, LOTS of it.

We were saved from the FIRST Highlands proposal thanks to NDACT and the grassroots movement they started.

Ask anyone in government, the aggregate industry, etc. and they will tell you Highlands, or someone they sell to, WILL be back. 

When and what form the application for an aggregate license will take is up for debate, so not if, but when.

Council has the tools and now the time (again thanks to NDACT) to get ready for the next one.

And it has been explained to them ad naseum at April, June, July and August 2009 Council meetings by various individuals what needs to be done.

The first thing that was stressed at all of those meeting was an OP which has proper tools (AEMOT, specialty crop, etc. etc.).

And as of today's date-THREE YEARS LATER, we still do not have an updated OP and are working from a 1970's document.

And thanks to this current Council, they have just renewed their faith in Geriatric Jorden and retained him as the planning consultant, despite being provided with an analysis by a ratepayer last year how they could have a full time planner who would be available FULL time at less cost but that landed on deaf ears too.

Good grief.

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  1. In this article the Mayor said he held a party for Council and staff after Highlands dropped their application. They must have been celebrating what NDACT did because Council didn't do a whole lot to stop it.