Thursday, July 25, 2013


Thanks for forwarding this information to Minebuster-everyone who reads this, please forward to your MPP. 
And make no mistake.
This NEVER would have happened, nor would anyone have invited these bullies into our Township without the Liberal government's tax funded vote grabber, I mean Green Energy Act. 
I would BET this green initiative has cost tax payers more than the cancelled gas plant fiasco.
"Dufferin Wind Power has filed an application to expropriate the Rail Line from the county of Dufferin.
Included in the application is a request to be allowed to expropriate portions of the lands of 3 private property owners along the line in Amaranth Township ,and portions of the lands of 3 other landowners in the Township of Melancthon. The Melancthon landowners are part of the wind project.
 For the curious (and the outraged), here is the link to the application:
All of these private landowners refused to accept the terms offered by the company, so the solution is, for the BULLY that is Dufferin Wind, steal the land from the owners. This is really an outrage, but no surprise, given the dealings of Dufferin Wind.
 Just wanted you to know some of the truth about the "good neighbour" (their words, not mine) that has been "invited" into our community. Shame on those who did the inviting.
 P.S. Please forward this to everyone else you know in the Township (and beyond). Make some noise!!"


  1. Anonymous27 July, 2013

    This is brutal and disgusting. Feudal lords taking away the land of the serfs. No, worse than that, because this land is owned by local farmers who worked their whole lives to pay for it. And why? So Dufferin Wind's investers can line their already overflowing pockets. Contributing nothing, zip, zero to the community they're plundering. "Good neighbour" my ass. Dufferin Wind should have its nasty butt kicked all the way back to China.

  2. To expropriate the rail line from the County of Dufferin is to expropriate land from every Dufferin County taxpayer. Look and learn, Dufferin Wind Power is teaching us how the Chinese negotiate a deal ...