Friday, January 7, 2011


So lets see. Highlands began their smash and burn campaign of local houses, barns and structures a couple of years ago.

After endless prodding, begging, pleading, cajoling by ratepayers about passing a demolition control bylaw, the then Mayor, CAO, municipal solicitor and planner had a private meeting with John Lowndes of Highland Companies in February 2010. (permitted under the Municipal Act as it wasn't a full meeting of Council.)

Since the time of the February 2, 2010 meeting, ratepayers have been asking for a copy of the meeting notes, only to be assured on several occasions that everything was verbal, NOTHING in writing, it was a private meeting, blah, blah.

The Mayor did state that Highlands advised they were only taking about another 3 structures down, but she couldn't remember how many had been demolished at that point.

Then lo and behold, after a persistently obnoxious ratepayer perserveered, a copy of the February 2010 meeting notes was produced. (click on link attached and go to the bottom of the page to view the meeting notes

The notes state Lowndes owns 36 properties and at that time 16 had come down; Council was going to watch the situation closely.

The notes also indicate that Lowndes said he would be taking another 3 down in 2010. NOT ever, just in 2010 so the Mayor's statement was a little misleading.

The notes also indicate that Lowndes advised that taking these houses down had nothing to do with a quarry application....except if you read the OMB decision in Caledon, where they turned down a quarry application, one of their reasons was because that quarry would be demolishing 2 homes and the OMB felt that would be too much.

And then Lowndes makes the astounding statement that houses are incompatible with farming. Who in the hell does he think farms the land without houses for people to live in?

The man has no shame and no brain, clearly.

And if you recall at the June 2009 NDACT meeting, Daniher, spokesperson for Highlands said people were fearmongering about these demolitions and Highlands would be taking down homes in less than double digits.

As of about 4 weeks ago, 30 properties had been issued demolition permits for all or some structures. If you are following the math, that means there are only six more to go.

And yesterday at Council the demolition control bylaw was on the agenda and the decision was to do more investigation. That should give Highlands time to take down the remaining 6 houses.


  1. Melancthon needs a Mayor who has enough confidence in his/her abilities to deal with the corporate interests descending on Melancthon; rather than appease those interests out of ignorance and fear. He/she must have the backbone to lead Council defensively against industrial destruction of food and water for the greater good of the Township and the Province. We have not had that kind of a leader in recent years.
    A smart leader would admit his/her weaknesses, and the weaknesses of his/her advising staff, and immediately seek a strong Planning and Legal Team to guide Council. A strong leader would embrace the wisdom and willing assistance of his/her ratepayers. An insecure leader chooses rather to bumble along with an incompetent team that he/she feels equal to, or even superior to, in hopes of fooling the ratepayers and even the lawyers of monster corporations. I am sorry to say, this foolish error in judgment is currently the only transparent thing about Melancthon Council.

  2. I totally agree with the comment above. Melancthon had the choice two months back to make the change that I think is needed, but the majority voted for more of the same. Would Mr. Uffen have been that leader? Maybe/probably. Will Mr. Hill be that leader? Definitely no.
    And you are bang on about "embracing the wisdom and willing assistance of his/her ratepayers". One of the greatest and most important assets that this township and this council (and previous councils) has is the vocal few (emphasize few) that are willing to speak their minds and make their ideas and concerns known. Are they really heard, understood, and appreciated? I doubt it very much.

  3. They are going to tear down all their houses. That's their plan. I believe this was clear from the beginning. After all what does this corporation need with houses? They get in the way of the plow, contain voters, cost tax money, maintenance etc., etc. They're not here to be a landlord, they just want a freaking hole in the ground and they will roll over anyone and anything in their way. Do you think they think they can be stopped by a bunch of hayseeds? They have been manipulating and bullying since they first set foot in Melancthon.

  4. Well Strada is bullying too as is Plateau. And I see why. The lawyer and planner both sat at the Council meeting the other day and said that no matter what Melancthon does in terms of bylaws or agreements they can be challenged in court or OMB or will be unenforceable. TIME for new consultants who have some faith in their own work.