Thursday, January 13, 2011


A letter to the editor this week takes exception with quotes attributed to Mayor Crewson's in a December 23, 2010 article that appeared in the Orangeville Citizen/Shelburne Free Press.

In part the letter to the editor, submitted by the Chair of the Finance Committee of the Board of the Mel Lloyd Family Health Team reads: 
"to the effect that he (Crewson) knows that Mel Lloyd Family Health Team wants $21,000 donated by the county to his political committee for the purpose of recruiting physicians. Mr. Crewson must be clairvoyant since this issue has never been discussed with the Family Health Team’s Board and I cannot imagine where he has obtained this information."

Entire letter here:

And as much as this blogger has taken exception to some of Mayor Crewson's actions/comments etc. since the blog's inception, I will have to suspend my disbelief in this instance that the Mayor made the comments that are attributed to him in the December 23, 2011 article.


Well the reporter was Wes the Crypt Keeper Keller.

I have sat beside this individual at various meetings and watched his notetaking which is to illegibly scribble about every 20th word and just fill the rest in when he leaves the meeting.

There have been numerous articles and complaints made to the paper about this reporter as well.  One time he referred to someone by name in an article with the statement that the individual had not been reached for comment.  That is code for "I never bothered to call the individual", NOT that the individual didn't return calls.

So the headline of this letter to the editor which read "Crewson Clairvoyant?" probably should have read "Keller Incompetent!!"

Just my opinion though.

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  1. When is Shelburne going to get a REAL paper? Come on Mayor make it happen!