Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So here is something else I don't get.

For many, many months, probably as long as the demolition control bylaw has been under review, there has been a salvage yard bylaw on the go.

Kudos to Council for bringing both the demolition and salvage bylaws to the second meeting of the new Council.

BUT (and you knew there had to be a but) the demolition control bylaw was sent back for further review.  I will bet you that Highlands has already applied for the six demolition permits on his remaining structures, so forget that.

BUT the salvage yard bylaw was also sent back which was a good thing.  The salvage operators were at the January 6 meeting and there was a good dialogue between them and  Council after which it was sent for more work.

BUT (and you knew there had to be a but) I do not understand why Strada is not being asked for a deposit for rehabilitation on their operation, BUT the salvage bylaw calls for all operations to deposit $5,000.00 with the municipality.

Doesn't seem fair and equitable to me.

And it also stinks.  What in the hell does Strada have to object to about filing $68,000.00 deposit?  That is nothing to a HUGE company like that. Hmmm... makes someone wonder.

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  1. How can we find out how much Strada should really be depositing in securities? I know it SHOULD be in the millions. History shows us that the OMB agrees with these security deposits, so once again I say....What the hell?