Tuesday, January 4, 2011


An eagle eyed blog supporter pointed this out.

In the Highland complaint submitted and on the January 6, 2011 agenda for Melancthon Council, regarding the Specialty Crop designation filed, Highlands actually stated, in writing, for the world to see the following:

"We are concerned that he proposed designation will lower property values....

HA, HA, FREAKING HA.......seriously, they put that in writing??  My stomach is hurting from laughing...

Honestly, the same company who wants to put a 2,400 acre 200 foot deep open pit limestone mine, crushing plant AND a railroad across Melancthon, is concerned about property values?????.....wait, wait....it gets better.

This is SO funny, even this little guy is laughing.

Highlands also put the following in writing...."an application that has been submitted by one party with the clear intent of reducing the value of the privately held lands of another party should not be considered by the approval authority"

Wow, someone should write this down and reiterate it word for freaking word when Highland Companies files THEIR OPA.

And Melancthon and the province should be on notice.  If Highlands argument bear any weight, well so be it.....

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  1. Honest to God, I laughed all night everytime I thought of it. The Baupost race live in their own little world in La La Land.