Sunday, January 23, 2011


Brief explanation of the Strada decision made by Council as I understand it (and if I have something wrong, someone will post a correction under comments, which I will incorportate into an edited version).

There is no requirement being made of Strada for financial security to ensure rehabilitation of the site.  Rather the requirements of rehabilitation are to be included in the site plan agreement.

A holding provision has been put on the approval which will be removed if the Ministry of Natural Resources agrees to cite the agreement in their aggregate approval decision.   If the MNR won't do that, then a "friendly" application between Melancthon and Strada will be brought before the courts so a judge can determine the validity of the agreeement.

Only then, can Strada proceed.

This decision by Melancthon only includes the Official Plan Amendment and the Zoning Bylaw Amendment and the decision must be approved by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

Strada still has to obtain approval for an aggregate license through the MRN.  In order to that, they must show that they have attempted to work with anyone objecting to the application in order to satisfy those objections.  They have up to two years to do this.

I did hear at an interesting comment at a meeting yesterday that there is not one aggregate operation in Ontario that has ever been returned to its original agricultural use.


  1. Do citizens have any further avenues of protest open to them? It was made clear to Strada and Council that EVERYONE who knew about the Strada application and the faults with their current operation objected, but Council approved it anyhow. Like everything else at Melancthon council this process seems to be a rather flawed and pitiful imitation of democracy.

  2. The only avenue for citizens now is IF they submitted an objection in writing (or at a public meeting) and did it within the prescribed time, they can file an appeal with the OMB.

  3. So it is not democracy because YOU do not get what YOU want? Maybe in this council's wisdom this is a good development for the township.

  4. Hey, gravel=$$$$$$$$=good.
    What more do we need to know?

  5. Development of the township? Lets remember, the entire tonnage fee we get from up to 71 trucks a MINUTE from Strada does not even pave one kilometre of road. There are only 3 local jobs, the rest are all trucks drivers from the city, so please, what development of the township are you referring to?

  6. What one person wanted??? Read it again....EVERYONE who was informed enough to show up at council protested Strada's application. Council was too chicken shit to listen.

  7. 71 trucks a MINUTE? That's some hole Strada is digging. Better get your facts straight. That kind of volume would pay a lot to the township in tonnage fees.

    This is all part of our plan to turn your township into a mega quarry (there are lots of $$$$ under that topsoil all for the taking if you have the guts to go for it). Those landowners that stick around long enough will make a killing when they sell to us. And they will. Everyone has a price.
    Most of you don't care about anything that goes on in your township unless it is literally in your backyard and it affects your bottom-line directly. Even then, you can be bought.

  8. That's right, January 26 1:40 PM, just add to the stupidity. Claim your place as a fucking idiot playing around and adding to the degradation that's making life miserable for so many. Kicks like that are for lost little pricks. Grow up. Get what'cha wanted?

  9. The municipal solicitor advised that if the zoning for Strada goes through it will be the biggest operation Melancthon has seen with 71 truck a minute. Check with the Mayor, the solicitor or anyone who was in the gallery that night. And tonnage fees is only .06 cents a tonne. It costs approximately $64,000.00 a km to pave a road (source: Roads Superintendent) so 1 million tonnes of gravel only generate $64,000.00 in tonnage fees. Then there is the little problem of some tonnage fees unnaccounted for.

  10. The Strada app has the same exact total tonnage limit. Truck traffic is to be the same as it currently is. Facts people. We wont stop anything fighting with ourselves.

  11. The facts are, according to the lawyer for the municipality who said this AT A PUBLIC MEETING that at maximum capacity that Strada is entitled to remove under their application will allow for up to 70 trucks a minute. Just because they aren't doing that now, doesn't mean they can't or won't, so yes, facts please.

  12. Osyany is wrong. His math doesn't make any sense. How did he get 70 trucks a minute? Lets assume Strada goes to it's tonnage limit:

    1,250,000 tonnes/year
    / 220 buisness days a year (no operating on holidays or weekends)
    = 5681 tonnes per day
    / average size of truck (34 tonnes)
    = 167 trucks PER DAY!
    Now, there are 720 minutes in a 12 hour operating do he get to 70?

    Do the math people. Your solicitor, like this blogger, is twisting the truth to make things look scarier then they are.

  13. Ya 70 trucks a minute is way out there....someone not know how to run a calculator? LOL

    Let get the numbers write people.

  14. If those people who like to inflame the public would bother to do something silly like.........math for instance, you would know that at 70 trucks a minute with an average of 25 tonnes per truck, Strada would be at their annual extraction limit in one 12 hour day.

  15. PEOPLE. PEOPLE. Re-read the post. It said 70 trucks an HOUR. Talk about get your facts straight. Seriously.

  16. Its generally not minebuster that is getting the facts wrong, it is other people commenting on the post who are twisting things.