Tuesday, January 4, 2011


On this week's Melancthon Township agenda (link attached-Thursday January 6 @ 9 am plan to attend if you can) http://melancthontownship.ca/council.htm#11 you will see Highlands Planner  wrote to the muncipality to cry about, I mean criticize the OPA that was filed by a private organization to designate approximately 10,000 acres in Melancthon as specialty crop.

Their complaint - it is that they weren't consulted and they own most of the land.  AND they go on to demand that they receive notice of the public meeting.

So just to touch on the legalities, they will and HAVE to be consulted in due course pursuant to the provisions of the Planning Act.  And they KNOW this.  They also know there is no pre-consultation required for anyone to file an OPA.

And I would go out on a limb here and ask what kind of pre-consultation Highlands did when they demolished structures on 30 properties, cut down thousands of trees in contravention of the County of Dufferin tree cutting bylaw and announced they have plans to file for an aggregate license for a 2,400 acre 200foot deep open pit limestone mine on prime agricultural land.

That would be NO ONE.  They consulted NO ONE.  Well, except their Boston Baupost Group hedgefund people, I would suspect.

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