Saturday, January 8, 2011


Remember the Loony Toon goofy gopher characters named Mac and Tosh, pictured here and not to be confused with Disney’s Chip N Dale?

The crux of the cartoon was the ridiculousness of the characters' over-politeness preventing their ability to get on with the task at hand.

Their dialogue was peppered with such over politeness as "Indubitably!", "You first, my dear," and "But, no, no, no. It must be you who goes first!" The two often tended to use unnecessarily long words. For example, instead of "We gotta get our tree back", they would say "We must take vital steps to reclaim our property."

Click here for a veritable cornucopia of catchphrases as uttered by the dashing duo. (Warning it will instantly take anyone over the age of 35 down memory lane):

Why take this trip down memory lane? Well because it suddenly came to me who Osyany and Jordan reminded me of the other day at the meeting. Yes, Mac and Tosh. Here were the municipal lawyer and planner both assuring Council that even as they drafted agreements and bylaws they would be struck down by the courts or the OMB or both.

Here is a brief exchange (and YES, I am paraphrasing): Planner: Most assuredly MY bylaw will be denied by the OMB much sooner than your agreement. Lawyer, no, no, I must insist that MY agreement will indubitably be over turned in a court of law far before your bylaw will be denied at the OMB.

This would be funny if it wasn’t so NOT funny. And so freaking serious.

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  1. The challenge for these two guys is remaining current. If they just sit on their laurels, (which is after all, the most Melancthon has ever asked them to do) thirty years pass and they go from a couple of smart guys to “Dumb and Dumber.”