Wednesday, January 5, 2011


From Mayor Hills inaugural speech, some more hi-lites.

He states that they would like to expand the administrative compliment with more hours or staff.

This is LONG overdue, should have been done years and years ago.  As a reminder we have a CAO/Clerk/Treasurer.  Talk about wearing three hats.

Now for all those people who I can hear saying what does the municipality need with all those people "sitting around" in the office.  What do they do all day?

Well, I would bet at least half of everything the municipal employees do, paid for by YOUR tax dollars, is to fulfill some mandate that the province has implemented. Whether it is reporting, financial information, tracking, recording, submitting, etc. etc. etc.  At LEAST 50%.  It is really an invisible form of downloading.  Municipal employees are doing the work that the province requires.

While our "administrative costs" may be the lowest in Dufferin, I would suggest that our consultant costs aren't.  So our administrative costs are not transparent.

With additional staff, the CAO can do what a CAO is to do, the strategic planning, forecasting, long term planning, budgetings, legislative updates, etc. etc. and actually have the time to do it.  And hopefully we will be employing less consultants.

I hope our CAO/Clerk/Treasurer is as relieved as we are that help is on the way!!


  1. Minebuster. R U selling out on us, agreeing with the Mayor? Give it a rest.

  2. Commenter above, re-read the blog. You have misinterpreted minebuster...or you are Michael Daniher trying to distract from the fact that we are desperately in need of additional,well trained staff to assist the staff at the Township office.