Wednesday, December 28, 2011


TRACTOR PARADE-Primrose to the Wallace Farm in Melancthon (August 2011)


  1. Just want to say, as a neighbour, how much I appreciate NDACT and all the volunteers, individuals and other organizations involved. Really, we can never thank you enough. The best we can do is lend our hands and hearts, and cash if possible, in the New Year and the many years of battling still ahead. And thank you Minebuster, you are a constant link to the issues and a hell of a lot of fun. Keep it coming in 2012!
    Happy New Year Melancthon!

  2. Well said, 4:19 p.m.. Sometimes, when I can't sleep at night cuz I'm full of rage at Highland and its all consuming greed, I calm myself down by thinking how amazing this community has been, and how this battle has brought-out the finest in SO many people. We will not give up the fight, we are SO powerful when we raise our voices as one. ONWARDS!!!