Thursday, December 8, 2011


You may have read in some of the interviews given that Highland Companies has neglected to plan for a worst case scenario with respect to the "water management plan".
What is their plan?
To pump, in perpetuity, 600 million litres of water a day...
They haven't made any contigency plans for any type of disruption.
Here is a link that shows what happens when things go a bit sideways. link is dead, but here are the pictures-wind storm in UK a week ago caused this:



  1. Number Facts
    600,000,000 litres = 600,000 m3
    2300 acres = 9,308,100 m2
    so 600,000/9,308,100
    equals = 0.06m
    0.06m = 2.36inches

    We can get more rain then then that in one day.

  2. And put another way.
    600,000,000 litres = 131,870,000 US galls
    So that in an academic sense equals
    25,000,000 litres per hour or 5.49 million US gallons per hour.
    416,667 litres/minute or 91,575 US galls/minute.
    And as far as I know it keeps coming. We're not waiting for the clouds to go away and the sun to come out or there's a magic shut off valve that can be turned off if it get's a bit overwhelming.
    Also, I'm sure the proud employees at Highland are not keen to be sloshing around in over 2 inches of water,probably flavoured with Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil, which if there is a total pump failure will be over their wellies within a week.
    So if the numbers bandied about are real they'll need some pretty hefty pumps to keep their feet dry. Probably triple redundancy, not just in the number of pumps, but how they are driven. Thet'll need to carry an inventory of pumps to cater to failure, and sufficient additional capacity to address maintenance down time. Also for contingency. But oh yes, I forgot, the strategy is "we'll learn as we go"

  3. These pumps are in production...(ie pumping this volume of water has been done before to alot higher heights, too!)
    This division is a full featured pump product line with hydraulic coverages through 100,000 gallons per minute and heads through 2500 feet.

  4. Hey December 13 at 12.28 pm-the website you provided is an advertisement for selling their product. It does not show where in the world these pumps are operating, NOR the cost of operating, how many will be required to move that volume of water OR, most importantly when highlands is long gone who pays? forever and ever and ever.

  5. Well if 600,000,000 litres a day is equal to 100,000 gal per min then they only need one pump by looks of these suckers! Just saying pumping that volume has been done before if they are advertising them....