Thursday, December 29, 2011


From Simcoe to Wellington, municipalities are aware that the Source Water Protection Plans are going to very costly.

Source water protection plans are in place to protect MUNICIPAL wells, not private wells.  While Melancthon doesn't have any municipal wells, Melancthon ratepayers in the wellhead protection area of Shelburne's municipal well on the fourth line of Melancthon and the new one being proposed on the 2nd line NW in Melancthon WILL be impacted.

Additionally the draft plan that has been circulated shows there will be a lot of amendments to be made to Official Plans, no matter which Source Protection Area or Plan applies.

In some municipalities, such as Melancthon more than one plan will prevail.

Part of Melancthon will fall under the South Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe Source Protection Plan. 

The draft plan has been circulted there are a lot of implications for municipalities and landowners. Here is a draft of the plan
and a map of the region:

There are over 30 amendments that need to be made to OP’s in that plan alone.

Part of Melancthon will fall under the Lake Erie Source Protection Plan and that plan is not complete yet. Here is a map of the region:

Have we heard from Council on this? Any planning report about how and when the planner thinks he can get these amendments in the OP?  And heads up from Council to impacted rateapayers.

And if Shelburne digs a municipal well in Melancthon, I am pretty sure one or the other of these plans is going to mean big bucks for Melancthon AND adjacent landowners.

Is Council negotiating now with Shelburne to ensure Melancthon taxpayers aren't paying to protect Shelburne’s residents?

I remember a time a few short years ago when the Mayor of Shelburne had a shit fit because out of town kids, in his opinion, were benefiting from his ratepayers paying to cut grass in ball diamonds and soccer pitches so he implemented a user pay for out of town kids, which is still in effect.

Seems only fair then that Melancthon shouldn’t be spending their tax dollars for the benefit of Shelburne residents.

Here are some quotes from concerned municipalities:

Puslinch councillors are concerned its residents may end up footing the bill to protect Guelph’s water supply.

There are new regulations coming down the pipes - regulations designed to safeguard drinking water, which will have major planning and financial implications for municipalities.

“I could see this as another layer of government. When you hear some of the things they’re looking at, there may be restrictions on land use policies,” he said.  “If I’m a landowner or farmer, I’d be very concerned. I think this is going to be nothing more than a boondoggle by the time it comes out, as we’re looking at more and more policies.”

He said the process toward implementation has been somewhat bogged down by concerns from municipalities about the implementation cost.

Homeowners with septic systems near sources of drinking water could face some hefty bills when it comes time for replacement.


  1. The legislation and plans that deal with source water protection have provisions to account for cost recovery for expenses incured while protecting another municipalities wells. Melancthon has two protection areas, one for Shelburne in the southwest, and one for Dundalk (which is very small) in the north part of the Township. As Melancthon does not have any municipal wells, the implementation costs that many other municipalities are worried about will be negligible if not non existent when cost recovery is taken into account.

  2. Minebuster here-I removed my previous comment as it wasn't condusive to engaging in a dialogue-see I do have some insight. Instead 9.55 can you please cite the legislation or plan that talks about cost recovery? The South Georgian Bay Lake Simcoe plan, does not mention any type of funding. Thanks.