Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I opened this email this morning:

Artists Against the MegaQuarry would like to create a special segment that focuses on the 31 homesteads that have been destroyed by Highland.

They envision paintings, photo collages, old letters from previous owners -- a visual history of the farms, the families who lived on them and what's been taken from the community since Highland bought the land.

They need photos of the old places -- homes, barns, laneways, families -- anything that can inspire the artists. They will post the images on the Artists Against the MegaQuarry website and put out the call to the artists to submit artwork depicting these lost places so should you submit something, please know that it may be posted in the public realm and reproduced.

Can you help in finding those photos, letters and history about the properties from the past and help tell their stories before they are lost forever.

Before and after photo's would be wonderful.

If you were an owner or resident of a property that is still standing, but which Highlands now owns, please forward the same things-as these homesteads face the same fate.

Please indicate the name of the homestead/lot and concession as well, which helps in identifying the properties.

Thanks for your help.

I have removed the email and contact name from the above, so check out the facebook site or to find out details where you need to remit the stuff.

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