Friday, February 3, 2012


submitted via email by a guest contributor

Hi everyone -- Earlier today, the Highland Companies appeared before Melancthon township council to make a PowerPoint presentation about the proposed mega quarry. A reporter from CTV News in Barrie attended the meeting and tried to get Highland reps John Lowndes and Joseph Izhakoff to speak to him immediately after the presentation. Scroll to the 4:52 minute mark in this newscast. You will be treated to a remarkable scene. Lowndes appears to hide behind the much larger Izhakoff and neither man will mumble a word to the reporter. They must be pouring stiff drinks at Hill and Knowlton tonight.,-2012-ctvnews-at-6-webcast


  1. Wow Lowndes and Wiarton Willie coming out of their hole on the same day.Does this mean six more weeks of bullshit or an early spring?

  2. Hope to hell Baupost/aka Seth Klarman sees that shameful display. I believe Lindz from Hill of beans and Knowlton (you know twitter @teamhighland) was there as well. Isn't Baupost paying BIG bucks for H&K's PR expertise? Wasn't much PR going on there except D&R4FC (duck and run for freaking cover).

  3. People need to remember that Highlands/aka Hill and Knowlton/aka Baupost/aka Seth Klarman are now referring to this project as the Melancthon Quarry. It is NOT the Melancthon Quarry in any way shape or form, it is HIGHLANDS Quarry, in fact Highlands Mega Quarry.