Sunday, February 19, 2012


Makes me wonder how a large company would have trouble securing an operating loan for their business.

Makes me also wonder if their investors know about that.


  1. No respectable lending institution would have anything to do with Highland. To secure a loan, you need to have a clear title and all parties need to be identified and accounted for. Who is actually behind Highland? Once you name a couple of people, it gets rather murky and it doesn't seem to be public knowledge. Canadian banks won't lend money when no one "knows".

  2. Canadian banks won't lend money when no one "knows" but US banks will, which is what got them into all that sub-prime mortgage trouble in the first place. It is gambling pure and simple. High risk - high reward. There are always people willing to dance with The Devil for personal gain. Let's hope one particular investment god is willing to cut his gambling loses sooner rather than later. Rest assured, they will be loses.

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