Friday, February 24, 2012


Well, maybe there is someone more deserving of a Tater Award than Minebuster.

Bigger audience.

More reasoned rational arguments instead of the ones Minebuster makes like "Highlands are poo poo heads!!:

So here they are, fresh off their BIG Tater Award win.

Dale and Mary, Dynamic Goldhawk Duo!!

I am sure they had it in the bag the first time they interviewed Daniher.

Daniher was answering questions like a one armed wallpaper hanger-nothing was straight.

Goldhawk put him on hold, telling him (and I am paraphrasing here) he would get back to him when Daniher could actually answer a direct question with a direct answer.

Pretty sure Daniher is still on hold and it was days after that Daniher disappeared from the face of Melancthon.

And here is my fundraising idea for the stop the quarry movement.

Tater Tour

A Tater Parade....

Hobo Wally's theme song - with Stompin Tom's potato ballads thrown in here and there (Ketchup loves Potatoes, Bud the Spud)

People make donations to get their picture with the Tater Award. 

Tater Award buttons.

Create a Tater Dance, (aka the Time Warp)
You will raise MILLIONS.....maybe not in money, but in cultlike followers!!!!

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  1. I noticed that the Council of Melancthon (current or past) did not receive even a nod for standing shoulder to shoulder with their ratepayers against this proposal. Was there any doubt with the staple statement, which has been uttered for years now, NOT OUR FAULT, PROVINCES FAULT, WE CAN NOT DO ANYTHING.