Tuesday, February 28, 2012


The March 1 Council agenda is posted.

Not much on it.

It is more what ISN'T on it.

Not one peep from the contract planner is scheduled at 1 pm.

We were advised in the November 17, 2011 minutes, by the Mayor, that there would be something on the December 1, 2011 agenda regarding the Official Plan that the planner has been working on for about six years now.

We were advised in 2009 that he was billing about $20,000 a year for OP work alone.

But Nope, nothing.

I guess we can't be trusted with an actual copy of what he will be presenting in advance.  If you want to hear it, you will have to take the day off work and be there.

The time has passed for excuses from the planner and now there needs to be accountability from Council as well as transparency.

Ratepayers deserve nothing less than a written staff report outling the date the planner was retained to work on the new official plan, original time lines, commitments made by the planner, why council is not having the planner produce work and EXACTLY how much taxpayers have paid to date for pretty much diddly squat.

And if the Mayor wants to equate it to a 1% tax rate (1% = $14,000.00) that would be better.  Put it into proper context for us.


  1. Jerry Jorden has a delegation scheduled at 1:00 PM with a presentation of draft Official Plan (so it says)

  2. Item #11 "Presentation of the Draft Official Plan". Are you bolind and stupic???????????????

  3. No 10:08, Minebuster is neither, but you are! Quit paying Jorden for nothing and hire a new planner... Councillor!

  4. This is the same planner who told people for years in Melancthon they couldn't sever a piece of land until the OP was updated....and recently told someone that if they severed their house and sold it they could leave the barn standing. It was OFFICE STAFF not the planner who had the tell the people the barn coming down would be a condition of severance. Yup, keep paying the guy, hopefully he will soon have enought to retire on and will quit.