Monday, February 6, 2012


For those of you who are not on twitter, here are some recent posts. 

Remember the good guys are, well anyone EXCEPT @Teamhighland

Team Headwaters @TeamHeadwaters
Given delays & opposition to the Highland #megaquarry, @valuewalk analyst says "strong possibility" Baupost could lose $$. @dalegoldhawk

Team Headwaters @TeamHeadwaters
U-S @valuewalk analyst tells @dalegoldhawk "none of what I heard was encouraging" when Highland #megaquarry reps spoke to council Jan 12th.

Team Headwaters @TeamHeadwaters
@taggart7 Is it just us or is one Highland rep using the other as a human shield to avoid the TV camera? 4:52 mark:

Team Headwaters @TeamHeadwaters
@TeamHighland Your vague promises about the supposed economic benefits of the #megaquarry take another hit in the U-S.

And Teamhighlands cutting rebuttals?  Well the last tweet was February 3 so clearly they aren't being paid by volume.  Hope they also aren't being paid by quality because both are lacking:

Highland Companies @TeamHighland
Yesterday’s presentation to the Melancthon Township Council has been posted online and can be found at

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