Thursday, July 18, 2013


"We have just learned that the Class 1 farmland we have fought so hard to protect in Melancthon has been sold to Canadian investors who say the land will continue to be farmed! Bonnefield Financial now owns Highland's potato fields. We're going to look further into this company, but at this point, we must take the president's quote at face value: "Here we have Canadian investors, supporting Canadian farmers to ensure that one of our most precious resources – farmland – continues to be used for farming."

This news, however, does not stop our efforts to change Ontario's Aggregate Resources Act. Ontario's prime farmland and source water must be priority
. ‪#‎FoodAndWaterFirst‬

Wall Street Journal:

About Bonnefield:

Thanks to all the anon people who sent this to Minebuster.....

And I got an email from Lowndes, wondering where he can pick up his commission cheque...this is where minebuster directed him....

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