Saturday, July 13, 2013


Just think, if it weren't for agricultural land and rural Ontario, there would be no where for the urbanites to ship their garbage, generate their "green" wind power, ship their offal material or obtain their source water....and now....nuclear waste.
.... to approve its proposal to bury low and intermediate level radioactive nuclear waste under the Bruce Nuclear Power Plant site, directly on the shore of Lake Huron, in the Municipality of Kincardine, Ontario.

Called a Deep Geological Repository, DGR or Nuclear Waste Dump, the 31 burial caverns are planned to be 680 metres below the ground carved out of limestone, and will extend to approximately 400 metres from Lake Huron.
OPG suggests that the Nuclear Waste Dump will safely hold its radioactive contents for 100,000 years. Is it reasonable to conclude that an unmonitored Nuclear Waste Dump will contain its radioactive contents for 100,000 years? The Great Lakes were created only 12,000 years ago.

But it might be closer to home than you think, particularly if they are looking to bury it in "limestone":
Decommissioning low and intermediate level waste (LLW and ILW) will be disposed of at a regional disposal facility located in Ontario, approximately equidistant from OPG’s five nuclear stations.” 
That could conceivably place the proposed site somewhere in the Orangeville area, suggested Brennain Lloyd of Northwatch, who first noticed the proposal in a blizzard of documents filed with the safety commission. Northwatch is a coalition of environmental and community groups in northeastern Ontario.

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