Friday, July 19, 2013


Tom Eisenhauer, President Bonnefield


From a Globe and Mail 2011 article:

"If I could take money from non-Canadians, I'd be retired by now. But we adhere to farmland-ownership restrictions in Saskatchewan and Manitoba which means all our investors must be individual Canadian citizens.

Overwhelming response. But our approach is different: We're not going into these small communities, perusing the MLS listings and buying up farms. If you do that, you make yourself really unpopular in the local Tim Hortons because invariably there's some farmer who's had his eye on that property for years. Then some guy from Bay Street shows up to buy it."

Market Watch article
"Bonnefield Financial has just released a new research paper, The Economic Value of Farmland, that examines the rising costs of Canadian farmland from the perspective of Canadian farmers."

Several articles about the sale of the land to Bonnefield with quotes that you hope don’t come back to bite them, aka Team Highlands/Lowndes/Daniher

"Bonnefield representatives have stated publicly that the farmland will be used for farming"

"in a phone interview, Mr. Eisenhauer insisted Bonnefield is only interested in agriculture. “Our investors want exposure to farming,” he said. “They don’t want exposure to oil and gas, or quarries for that matter.”

“We spent the first two years just going about the country and talking to farmers about how we could do this and what their needs are,” he said. “We raised our first fund in 2010, but it was frankly our own money to get the ball rolling.”

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  1. Anonymous19 July, 2013

    If they've got another agenda up their sleeve, they'll ask for water and wind rights. Then we'll know what the future holds...