Saturday, July 13, 2013


In the July 11, 2013 edition of the Shelburne Free Press, Melancthon Mayor Bill Hill, in a letter to the editor, declares his intention to seek the position of Warden of the County of Dufferin for the 2014 term.

He outlines his vast and considerable experience and states that there appears to be considerable support for his desire to serve as Warden.

Well, good for him.

One of his stated priorities is the implementation of the County Official Plan.

No denying he has considerable experience at that.

It has been at LEAST 8 years and thousands of $$$ that Melancthon has been trying to get an Official Plan passed, during which the entire time Bill sat on Council.

So if you want him to get the County OP passed during his term of Warden, better be prepared for a Warden that sits at least 8 years.....


  1. Anonymous16 July, 2013

    The difference here being that if Dufferin doesn't have OP by March 2015, the province will do it for them

  2. Anonymous18 July, 2013

    Sorry Anon on July 16, that will NEVER ever happen. The province in no way or form will ever hire planners, pay for the studies and and implement an official plan for a county, or a region, or a lower tier. NEVER. EVER. And they have no stick, they can't do it. All municipalities are mandated by the province to have an updated official plan and then update that EVERY 5 years. Melancthon is still working under an OP developed in the 70's. Why hasn't the province "done it for them"? Same reason they will NOT do it "for or to" Dufferin. If Dufferin County and the lower tiers really don't want an upper tier OP, just don't do.