Friday, July 12, 2013


Rumours everywhere about Highlands selling, NOT selling, selling to Chinese, selling ONLY to people who are not part of NDACT.... who knows?

But perhaps this is the reason they are selling:

Are farmland investments heading for a barn bubble?
Farmland has become the darling of alternative investing, sending hedge funds and wealthy investors into bidding wars for plots of land once deemed ordinary. And it is not just big money getting in on the game.....

Some investors may not even know that they, too, own faraway farmland, particularly those who have money in pension funds......

From Stockholm to Chicago to Vancouver, ordinary investor money is pouring into fields around the world.And there are some jitters that land prices in soil-rich states like Illinois have risen too fast.

With some types of investment off limits — some states like Iowa and Minnesota prohibit institutions from owning land — ownership prohibitions may be artificially contributing contributed to price increases in other states.


  1. Anonymous12 July, 2013

    My concern is whether these investments in land have to do with the LAND, or ownership of water rights. Highland's land is sitting on top of a valuable water source, and water is becoming more and more precious. Highland was after our water as much as it was after our limestone. Stay vigilant, everyone....

  2. Anonymous16 July, 2013

    The new owners are interested in obtaining water rights and wind was always about the water anyways...