Saturday, February 6, 2010


This beautiful picture and the headline in the local paper reads:

Full Stead Ahead, Orangeville Wins Rail Conflict Appeal

Could Robbing Adams BE any more offensive? Kind of looks like he is rubbing his win in peoples noses, but then he never had good political acuity.

The last time he was in Dufferin politics and wanted to serve a life term as Warden, he never got that people were laughing AT him with the moniker "WARDEN FOR LIFE". He seemed to think this was the people rallying behind him encouraging him to keep strong arming his way to the Warden's chair year after year after year. He was pretty stunned when the good people of Orangeville "unelected" him.

I wonder does he understand that this has cost EVERY SINGLE TAXPAYER in Dufferin money, and his own ratepayers in Orangeville have paid twice.
And perhaps in order to balance out the issue, could we ask the local reporter to "dig" for the truth and find out how much this cost taxpayers-how much did Orangeville pay and the County pay for all of this legal wrangling, compliments of Highland Companies, and then find out if Highlands has made a generous "donation" to the Town of Orangeville for anything recently.
Am I against the a rail line being reinstalled-NO, but if it is so valuable, why in the hell is Orangeville (and by virtue of the weighted vote) and the County willing to settle for a few baubles in their hand today,when they could have an ongoing revenue source and at least have some control over the operation and users.
If anyone wants to complain about the number of trains per day going through their town, the number of people who are killed at crossings and on the trail beside the rail plan, the noise and the cost, because I am sure Orangeville and the County are just creaming themselves thinking about the fast cash, NOT the ongoing costs to their ratepayers (running the rail guard crossing lights to start with) these are the people you need to call, even long after they are out of office because of course this is their "legacy" to us:
Robbing Adams in the picture at the top

Warden Allen Taylor "Asked if a further appeal would be filed, Taylor responded, “I would certainly hope not. ... I think these things should be solved locally and the fact that it ended up in court in the first place is kind of problematic for me. But that’s just the way it was.” (, February 3, 2010)

Highland Companies

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