Thursday, February 4, 2010

HEY, Robbing Adams and Eddie Munster...look over know, to the north of you, HELLO, over here,

you know......where you get the water for you ratepayers, HELLO over here in MORDOR, I mean Melancthon.....

Can you guess what the fire is from, thousands and thousands of trees or hundreds of homes????.......take your pick..........

What you don't need to take your pick on is the cause of it, the Highland Companies, OR weak Councils, OR politicians who have been bought by baubles....they are equally at fault.


  1. The last homely house.05 February, 2010

    And little Hobbiton... oops... Horning's Mills and the steady rape of the shire while the real story's going on over by Mt. Doom... oops Queen's Park. Probably the best analogy yet 'cause there ain't no Robin Hood. A whole new riff in the making. Hmmm... Sauron/Klarman, Lowndes/Saruman.... Gollum anyone?

  2. Don't forget me. Oink.05 February, 2010

    I prefer a House at Pooh Corner kind of story. You know, the kind that children can understand. Playing the role of Owl, the Oscar goes too...Playing the role of Eeyore......

  3. Patrick Star05 February, 2010

    Bikini bottom.