Monday, February 22, 2010


Sometime ago I offered anyone who wanted to guest blog here the opportunity.
Here is the first submission, by anon:

Ten Top Reasons Not to Re-elect Mr. Bill

1.What Bill thinks he knows is more dangerous than everything Debbie Fawcett doesn’t know.

2.He is not interested in any truth other than his own, especially when it comes from those with more knowledge then him.

3. His mantra is “The law according to Bill”

4. His number one concern is “the budget” not “the citizens”. His “too late” letter protesting the Green Energy Act is testimony to this.

5. His “number one concern” makes him vulnerable to a Highland’s cash grab.

6. He prefers the easy road over the high road.

7. He uses one long speech to answer every question, substituting key words like “trees”, “houses”, “water”, “food” and “taxes” where needed.

8. His “one speech” formula makes it unnecessary for him to actually listen to anything the ratepayers say or ask as his response is already “in the mail” – sometimes in the form of a “threat to sue” should we dare to speak our minds.

9. He has not educated himself in what he can do for his municipality, but has studied long and hard on what he can not do.

10. He has had his chance.


  1. AMEN...... (especially #10)!!!

  2. I am not impressed with Mr. Hill's past performance. I would ask your thoughts on the budget. If you are not concerned with it, what would you find as an acceptable tax increase to fight Highland and Energy 401?

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  4. I am very concerned with the budget; but unlike Mr.Hill, I ask that Council put the health, safety and concerns of the people as their first concern and make the budget work to achieve these things. What will happen to our budget if we have an environmental disaster on our hands? What will it cost us all to import or purify water in perpetuity? What will the loss of locally produced food cost us in the long run? What will the cost increases for health care be as a result of the mine? Road up keep? etc. etc. forever and ever.
    A council must take care of their people first and the people will take care of the budget.
    Guest Blogger