Monday, February 15, 2010


Law requires obedience to the enforceable.

Ethics requires obedience to the unenforceable.
(British Jurist 1924)

So lets see. Melancthon won't pass any bylaws, policies, guidelines etc. to assist in opposition to this quarry with excuses and statement like they have no control, they can't do anything before an application is filed, or they don't want to be challenged by Highlands. BIG BIG saying at Melancthon Council is we don't want to wind up at the OMB (and I am paraphrasing here).

And to be fair to Melancthon Council, COUNTY Council is even worse. NINE proven contraventions of the tree cutting bylaw (albeit under the direction and "permission" of their own County Forester in violation of their own bylaw) and yet they don't want to have to go to court.

HOWEVER since Highlands has no ethics and Melancthon AND County Council are ensuring they aren't enforcing bylaws, lets see what that means.

It means Robbing Adams will get $7 million for the Town of Orangeville, thanks to Highlands and Orangeville's little rail sale. NOTE: I wonder how many of his ratepayers who live adjacent or near to the rail line actually have a clue about this little deal? If he thought he had a riot on his hands when he tried to up his own salary, it will be NOTHING compared to when his salarypayers, I mean ratepayers find out about this little side deal.

It also means Eddie Munster will get a $15 million YMCA for the Town of Shelburne, thanks to Highlands. Nice little re-election platform, huh?

Oh yeah, it means the Township of Melancthon will get a 2,400 acre 200 foot deep open pit mine, but who cares? Not Melancthon Council, not Orangeville, not Shelburne nor County Council.

I wonder if they know where their water source is???? Just asking....

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  1. Gravel gravel everywhere and not a drop to drink