Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Urban Dictionary: broken record-one who continually repeats the same statement with little, if any variation


You CAN be proactive, you CAN speak out against an issue and you CAN move to protect what is left of Melancthon.

How do I (and actually all the other ratepayers, even Highlands) knows this?

Here are some stellar and shining examples...

Councillor McCarthy in Hamilton, fighting against a quarry on behalf of her ratepayers since the day trees started being felled and (get this, wait for it...) BEFORE an application was filed. Check out the link:

Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion calling a public meeting about a (get this, wait for it...) proposed natural gas power plant in her municipality.
Check out the link:

There are two prime and public examples.

If you want ten more I will find them, but in the meantime DO SOMETHING for gods sake, instead of waiting for another meeting to say how you can't DO ANYTHING for god sakes.

And if your planner and legal expert are telling you that you can't do anything in advance of this proposal to be well positioned, I would, with all due respect, suggest you get yourself a new planner and legal expert, because clearly they are living in the 80's not the new century where political lobbying, public pressure and a crack legal and planning team can move mountains, or at least save agricultural land and water.

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