Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Here is an analogy for you.

A family, father, mother several children, under the umbrella of Mom and Pop living, thriving, doing well, keeping up with the neighbours....in an okay neighbourhood close to their aunts and uncles and extended family.

All is well in their quiet world, except the youngest, smallest has some "issues".. you know, doesn't quite fit in the with the rest of the family or the kids at school, not quite as cosmopolitan as the rest of the family, but happy in their own quiet way, always short of money, but always working and contributing, ALWAYS willing to be a team player and to support all the rest of their siblings in teams at school, projects and Mom and Dad in their jobs and never minding being the latchkey kid and sometimes having to forgo their allowance, well because being the youngest, that is what happens.

Then, one day it is determined the youngest is experiencing some medical issues , specifically one medically necessary kidney has quit working. In order to save the youngest, the parents and aunts and uncles need to do expensive advocacy in the medical profession to find the best "subject matter experts" in their field to cure their youngest in what might be an experimental way, which might not sit well with others, but is the only way of "saving" a member of the family.

What would a loving family, with the best interests of the family core do?? I would suggest in my family, we would do ANYTHING, no matter what the cost to help our youngest to live a full life as part of the family.

Instead, this "family" decides, the kid is sick and one kidney isn't working and will cost them alot of money to repair or SAVE and they aren't really sure they can save it, and they could get money for the kids one valuable working kidney, so too bad for you, little one.

Daddy Robbing "Mayor for Life" Adams and Cousin "Eddie Munster" Crewson decide they might was well do what is best for THEM, as convinced by the Quack Dr. Daniher, and in their minds the end result will make them all look great.

They can sell the kids kidney to Dr. Daniher and friends and get a pool in the backyard and $9 million dollars (plus a couple extra million, who is counting) and show the neighbours their great new toys..

EXCEPT what Robbing and Eddie don't realize is their expensive toys are a short term fix, because the little one is going to need dialysis for the REST of the kids life and that will be much more costly in the long run, than just doing the right thing and curing the kid in the first place.

All names and situations have been changed to reflect, I mean protect, the guilty.

Clearly the most vulnerable Township in Dufferin is not important to the scheme of things, except as to how someone else can benefit from the destruction and devastation occuring in Melancthon.

Wonder how Eddie and Robbing are going to explain to their ratepayers why the cost of their water (as all municipalities have to move to a cost recovery system) skyrockets when their saviour Highlands leaves with their limestone and the County is going to have to pay to monitor and operate the massive pumps 24/7 in the gigantic hole order to keep the water supply viable. And oh yeah, the cost and quality of food being imported from China too.

Maybe they can show everyone the cancelled cheque for the cash they got back in 2010 and tell them it was well worth it (for their political careers) and not to worry, just keep paying.

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