Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Check out this article. It is about a group of ratepayers who are in opposition to a peaker gasification plant in their community which is to be situated on prime agricultural land in the Holland Marsh and a Council who supports them.

For simplicity, here are the hi-lites:

"King council Monday night passed an interim control bylaw in order to stall the construction of the peaker power plant slated to go in the Holland Marsh."

"Local residents who have been fighting the proposal were pleased with the way things went.."

Strachan Bowen commended council. “I am so happy to see council on board,” he said.

Several members of the public withdrew their planned deputations because they thought they had nothing to say, as long as council was doing everything it could to stop the plant.

Concerned Citizens of King Township (CCKT) Chair Debbie Schaefer congratulated council on the decision.

“Frankly, we were losing hope in whether or not council would step up to the challenge,” Schaefer commented"

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  1. Has this been sent to Melancthon council? Cause ya know I'm gonna.

  2. Please, feel free...