Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Excerpts from a recent article on the DEEP-Sixed plant:
“Alter NRG has told us that at this point they’re not going to pursue anything,” said Melancthon Mayor Bill Hill. “That is over. They’ve signed the divorce papers.”
About three years ago, Dufferin’s lower-tier municipalities agreed to upload waste collection duties to the county, which officially occurred on Jan. 1.
The initial plan was to process waste into electricity at the proposed EFW facility at the DEEP site..                      
“If there is a way we can satisfy our own waste requirements and do it economically in Dufferin, then let’s pursue that,” Hill said. “That was always the mandate of the (CDC). It just morphed into something else.” (minebuster note: good for Bill)
So lets take a look at what happened here.
Experienced con artists, "investors", heavily subsidized, so they thought, by provincial taxpayers, did a song and dance on County staff and politicians who had absolutely NO expertise or experience in this type of facility (gasification of garbage to "green" energy).  
In order to feed the beast however, one of the conditions imposed by the investors was the County would need to find more garbage. 
To quote some famous lyrics: 
So in a backasswards move, the County on a recommendation by staff, who did not PUT A PENCIL TO PAPER TO FIGURE OUT COSTS, and without actually having the gasification plant built, uploaded waste on January 1, 2013, closing local landfills and thereby costing most municipal taxpayers more money and inconvenience to dispose of their garbage.
THEN of course the entire gasification thing falls apart, because the provincial government, feeling the heat from rising hydro prices due to their ridiculous subsidies to "green energy", couldn't guarantee theses investors their inflated subsidy, price for energy they were to produce.
Oh yeah, and this priceless exerpt from the above noted article:
“Let’s look at the options of importing (waste). If it is yes, then what should we do about importing? Are we going to look at exporting?” Taylor said. “We’re going to take a real evaluation of what we’re supposed to do with our waste in Dufferin.”


  1. Anonymous26 June, 2013

    Mind buster this is the first post I agree with you on. I must be sick :)

  2. Anonymous26 June, 2013

    Hope the Chair of this fiasco (Alan Taylor) has a nice place where he can retire, right after the next municipal election.....