Wednesday, June 5, 2013


When a company tries to ram an unpopular and environmentally insane idea down the throats of the locals, one would think they might take a look at some colossal failures in community engagement and failed applications.

I recall one of the biggest blunders in the world was by a billion dollar hedge fund who tried to destroy a community while ramming through a 2,300 acre 200 foot below the water table, open pit limestone mine situate on prime ag land on the sourcewater of more than 1 million Ontarians.  Shudda been a cakewalk because the laws were tipped in their favour but one obnoxious move after another galvanized the world.

Remember this ....

They painted this mural across from the farms who hosted Foodstock where 28,000 people came out to support Stopping the Quarry.

And the frame sign to the left of the picture in the forefront that is the they posted their notice they were planning on digging the mine.

So one might think that Liestek (Lystek) who is trying to ram through a composting facility that will store and process human waste, offal material and god knows what else, adjacent to schools and homes in Dundalk and which they plan to spread on fields, but not on root crops cause then we couldn't eat it, would have taken a lesson, but nope.

See what they have done...

If you have been a supporter of Stopping the Mega Quarry to protect prime farmland and water and are now a supporter of Food and Water First and if you are offended by what this corporation has done, please email your cards and letters to Lystek: 
Also, it should be noted that these signs are also posted on property owned by the township of Southgate as their Mayor is a huge supporter of Lystek's shit, so please also let Council c/o the Township Clerk know how you feel.  Ask that your email be included on the next Council agenda for action by Council.


  1. Anonymous06 June, 2013

    It would seem within one day of this posting, good sense prevailed and this sign has disappeared. NOW keep those cards and letters going to have the F&WF initiative removed from Lystek's trucks and other facilities. Great work as always Minebuster.

  2. Anonymous07 June, 2013

    For blog readers who don't know the local context, Dundalk citizens opposed to the construction of the Lystek facility in their town have posted a large number of (authorized) Food and Water First signs that carry the URL for "" a hub for local opposition to the so-called Dundalk "Ecopark."

    In this local context, the signs shown here seem intended to lead the uninformed to believe the protest campaign is actually a support campaign for the EcoPark and its poster-child Lystek.

    This raises several questions:
    1. Just how stupid do the schemers who created these signs think the people of Dundalk are?

    2. Was the PR agency that works for both Lystek and the Township of Southgate involved in this fiasco?

    3. Were staff or elected officials from Southgate Township in on this too?

    4. Just how exactly do you create a business that's all about spreading urban sewage sludge (with all of its industrial effluents, pharmaceutical residues, and heavy metals) on farmland and claim that you "support" Food and Water First?