Sunday, June 30, 2013

"the Liberal government slashed the $9.7-billion agreement by more than one third.
The NDP said the Liberals' green energy policies are driving up electricity prices but not creating the thousands of jobs the government had promised.
We've clearly seen that sweetheart deals with private companies have not delivered good jobs, and they've created increased costs."
Wow, who cudda saw that coming?
Well everyone except the Liberals and their dogma and their policy wonks....
I would think in the beginning Liberals were hoping that these monstrous turbines, being erected in RURAL Ontario at a record pace with unsustainable taxpayer funded subsidies would serve as a PR move.  Everyone that saw one would remember the Liberals were behind this green energy policy.
Well, it has worked.  Everytime someone sees one of these monstrous turbines will remember, at voting time, the Liberals were behind this green energy policy.


  1. Anonymous01 July, 2013

    Of all the arguments I have heard for/against renewable energy, this holds the most sway:

    Some analysts argue that if oil sands producers fail to surmount these hurdles, additional investment in Alberta could soon dry up, especially if the price of crude oil sees a sustained decline. Jeremy Grantham, co-founder and chief investment strategist at Boston-based investment firm GMO, is one of the more outspoken critics, arguing that growing competition from alternative energy sources threatens to send oil sands operators packing:

    I believe anyone investing in tar sands is very likely to end up with stranded assets in the next decade or two. Solar is getting cheaper by the minute, whereas petroleum is getting more expensive. It is only a matter of time before their expenses cross.

    While foreseeing the evolution of solar energy would require a crystal ball, Grantham's point – that alternative sources of energy pose a major long-term threat to expensive, unconventional oil projects – is an important one.

    I think the green energy program is on the right track.

  2. Anonymous07 July, 2013

    Perhaps, except when you need a coal or nuclear back up supply of energy for every mega watt produced by wind turbines and when the fact is if taxpayers were not subsidizing foreign investors to "encourage" the construction of these turbines and when the fact is on hot hot days not one single mega watt of energy is produced by turbines and on cooler windy days there is overproduction which we have to pay someone else to take, then there really is no argument that the Liberals green energy program is a failure and is driving up energy costs and as a result driving away manufacturing.

  3. Anonymous09 July, 2013

    In other words we need to improve the technology and fix the administrative process. As for cost, we pay on our electricity bill or we pay in contaminated air, land and water. My preference is to reduce tar/oil sands production.