Friday, June 7, 2013


Wow, so corporations don't like it when you mess with their logos. 

This poor woman is being sued by Nextera, you know those benevolent wind turbine people who are partners in the communities in which they want to erect huge industrial turbines. 

While I am not a lawyer, I would have to say this is just a SLAPP suit to silence opposition and while they will be hard pressed to prove damages, they will drive this poor woman into bankruptcy if she doesn't agree to shut up.  Wow, democracy China style. 

Read all about it here:

That would be like Minebuster picking a random corporate logo and doing this.....



And then putting it on the fence to Minebusters secret headquarters and the fleet of corporate vehicles.

I just wouldn't do it, because of course it would be misleading and wrong, right?

Just saying......


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