Tuesday, June 11, 2013


RW Tomlinson (RWT) acquired a majority interest in Lystek in 2011 - managed by Rick Mosher http://www.tomlinsongroup.com

Key noted line of business: aggregate extraction

Google search exposes a RWT businesses fined for lack of adhering to regulation:
Lystek linked to Conestoga Rovers..who....wait for it.... was the water flow research company for the highlands application.
So what say you......
Strange Bedfellows OR

just a Dutch Oven?


  1. Anonymous12 June, 2013

    Conestoga Rovers..who....wait for it.... was the water flow research company for the highlands application.

    umm I believe it was Genivar....But who questions mindbusted.

  2. Carl Cosack18 June, 2013

    Conestoga Rovers did the water flow test along Prince of Wales, 15th Side road and on the 3rd line of Melancthon, I spoke to the staff myself at various times.
    Carl Cosack

  3. Anonymous24 June, 2013

    Well it wasn't for Highland, I know that for a fact.

    Guess you never looked at any of the Highland's report, or you would have know that.

    Maybe do your home work and see who Conestoga Rovers are working for....

    Just pointing out the obvious.