Thursday, June 13, 2013


The Orangeville Police Service aka Citrusville, is attempting to terminate an officer because of an attempt to download legitimate WORK RELATED EMAILS from the computers at work to his personal blackberry. 

This case is about abuse of the email system, the Internet system,” said prosecutor Ian Johnstone.

Previously this officer had the NERVE to post defamatory remarks on the Citrusville blog, which closely resembled and mocked OPS staff and events, however I am sure this isn't a witchhunt.

I am astounded that posting on a blog is a better reason for getting fired at the Orangeville Police Service than accessing PORN, because nobody got fired for that, although one might think that would be an abuse of the email system.

Then there is poor Sgt Rutt, who had the NERVE to make a valid complaint about the goings on in the Orangeville Police Services and who is now facing a hearing under the Police Services Act, which really should be "If you tell on any incompetent higher upper in the police you will be punished Act"

Unsafe vehicle-fix it float it or tow it….MTO says
The crux of Tuesday’s proceedings, however, stem back to Rutt’s concerns about the safety of an OPS prisoner van nearly three years ago.  He is charged with deceit for a complaint he made to the Ministry of Labour.  MTO vehicle inspector Glenn Mckee was asked by an Orangeville police officer to examine the van in May of 2010. He found a large hole in the van’s body above the exhaust pipe.  After discovering the hole, Mckee placed the van out of service. After reading Mckee’s inspection report on Tuesday, Wirachowski testified she would have given the vehicle that same label.

And yet nobody gets fired for not getting off their lazy ass to check on a prisoner in a cell, a young man, who died.

And nobody gets fired, while wearing an Orangeville Police Services uniform at a policing event for passing out his personal business cards for a service that is provided free by the Orangeville Police Service and paid by taxpayers for which he is charging a fee to perform.

And in a bizaare turn of events, as of January 1, 2014 this organization will be THE top paid police force in Ontario and Mayor Robbing Adams defends that?

Orangeville cops PAY
As of Jan. 1, 2014, members of the Orangeville Police Service (OPS) will be the highest paid in the province, according to the Ontario Provincial Police Association (OPPA).

But if any of this enraged you, wait until you hear this. 

All officers at the service are banned from accessing the internet. 

NOT because of officers accessing porn, but because of a blog.

The internet is the research tool of most police forces, particularly social media, which helps them solve crimes.

So even though they will be the best paid force in the province, they can't solve crimes, so they call in the OPP at MORE expense to the taxpayers.  But in all fairness, they wouldn't be able to solve the crimes even if they had the internet, they would have called in the OPP anyhew. 

Sonia Varaschin’s family is being done a disservice by the Orangeville Police Service and Rob Adams.

Adam Sprague's family is being done a disservice by the Orangeville Police Service and Rob Adams.

The taxpayers of Orangeville are being done a disservice by the Orangeville Police Service and Rob Adams.

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