Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Holy crapoli people, excellent job.  Keep it up.

Just received this notice via email:
The Standing Committee has voted in favour of travelling across the province to hold public hearings on the ARA! Their request now goes to the three House Leaders who are expected to approve their request. Nearly 80 individuals and organizations have asked to appear next week. Bravo, everyone!
The transcripts of the committee meetings are posted at this link

The May 7 and 9th transcripts aren't posted yet, so keep checking.

Just received this email from
We have learned that the Clerk of the General Government Committee, Sylwia Przezdziecki, has gone on maternity leave as of Friday afternoon. As a result, her replacement’s email is now the best way to request a chance to present to the committee as it begins the Aggregate Resources Act review.

Tamara Pomanski is the replacement clerk, and can be reached at:

Please also cc Meghan Stenson at:

We have been assured by the Clerks’ office that requests sent to Ms. Sylwia Przezdziecki’s email will still be received and considered; however going forward Ms. Tamara Pomanski is the preferred contact.

The committee is taking presentation requests until Wednesday, May 9th, by 5:00pm.
The contact phone number is the same: 416 325-3515.
Thank you,

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