Saturday, May 12, 2012


Were you one of the 400 people Highlands is speaking about in the following excerpt from a January 17, 2012 new article:

Highland has received 400 job application for the quarry and has a “hire locally first” policy.

REALLY, so when the mine has not received MNR approval, nor have the proponents submitted their terms of reference, nor are they anywhere close to putting a shovel in the ground (which won't happen anyway), why would they advertise job openings when there are clearly no openings?

Because they are using those people, who in all sincerely thought there really were jobs to be had.  Highlands are now able to spin the number of people who applied.

They should be ashamed. 

I know someone who applied for one of those jobs, despite my best efforts in advising him there were NO jobs. 

He was desperate. 

He had been laid off for five months and a second child on the way and really, really, really needed a job.

So if you were one of those honest and believing people who applied for a job with Highlands, why don't you email the Baupost Group, the $24 million Boston based hedgefund who are the actual owners of this scheme at and tell them how you feel. 

You could also post your email to the facebook site STOP the QUARRY.

You needed a job, applied in good faith and have been left hanging.


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