Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Over the last three years, the people opposing the rape of Melancthon by Highlands have received help from some predictable people, groups and places and some have come completely unexpected. 

All of it has been helpful.

We have a group now asking for OUR help and they have been great supporter of our cause.

Can you help?

Hello People,

As you know the Wellington Water Watchers is a volunteer organisation which has been working steadily for 5 years now on protecting source water.

We have recently submitted a large document (Request for Review) in partnership with the Council of Canadians to the Province asking for a total review of the water permitting process as it applies to commercial bottling and environmental values. We do not believe that the EBR process is working and are getting people to flood Minister Bradley with comments regarding the current Nestle renewal of their permit on a farm near here. 

Nestle bought the farm and got the water rights and trucks the water 50 kms to their Aberfoyle plant. Ironically this degrades roads which need GRAVEL! All totally avoidable. 

Nestle is looking to get a 10 year renewal, we oppose it outright.

So we are asking people take direct action by sending the MOE Minister an email or a letter. 

The link on our site is self explanatory.  

We need critical mass of people sending emails to the Minister now.http://www.wellingtonwaterwatchers.ca/home/the-issues/hillsburgh/

Mike Nagy
Chair, Wellington Water Watchers

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