Tuesday, May 8, 2012


David Vanderzaag, local farmer and member of the North Dufferin Agricultural Taskforce (NDACT) was interviewed on CBC radio tonight.

Here is the podcast http://www.cbc.ca/asithappens/episode/2012/05/08/the-tuesday-edition-29/   (listen to Part 2)

And for the people who need a visual...here he is....

Thank you Dave and thank you NDACT!~

EXCERPTS FROM THE INTERVIEW which will break your heart, outrage you and move you to act:

QUESTION: How will your farm be affect do you believe by the open pit mine?
HONEST ANSWER: It will...finish us.
The water table is only 7 metres below the water table at my home farm.
1,000 metres from my house will be a cliff the depth of Niagara Falls.
Aggregate industry invited....Agricultural Industry weren't
To put it into perspective, if the Province were a 100 acre family farm...that would mean only 3.5acres would be farm and of that 3.5 acres only 5/100 acre would be vegetable land.....
Have to be careful...you are talking about 1.5% feeding the other 98.5%.....
to describe the Honeywood Silt Loam and what makes it special.....
seven attributes makes land special.....and if you have two or three of those you are doing really good....this land has all seven...
Something that is really rare


  1. Anonymous08 May, 2012

    Thanks for the visual ... most appreciated ;)

  2. Anonymous08 May, 2012

    Thanks for the visual ... most appreciated ;)

  3. Anonymous09 May, 2012

    Excellent job Dave. Thank you.