Friday, May 4, 2012


What the hell?

Hill (of beans) & Knowlton (heretofore known as Hob&K)recently held a forum for well known, active and vocal bloggers.

And I wasn't invited?

Honestly, who is more vocal than me?

I know I am well known because I won a Tater Award for Best Blog on the Baupost Open Pit Mine issue.

Here I am accepting it.

And I KNOW (Hob&K) follow this blog religiously and in fact even post on it, so again, What the HELL?

They probably knew that there is not enough money in Seth Klarman's right pocket to pay this blogger off, so not worth the invite.


  1. Anonymous05 May, 2012

    All they could offer would be small potatoes.

  2. Oh Minebuster, do ya think Hill and Knowlton reads this blog??? In that case: Hey Lyndsay Broadhead, I wanna invite you up to my place for a sleepover. We can do each other's nails, gossip about Lowndes and Klarman, and we can go for a drive up 124 so I can show you where The Giant Black Hole will be. Oh, you'll be SO impressed. And I can teach you some new songs, cuz your "We need aggregate, we need aggregate" is REALLY getting old. Maybe you can start singing Dylan's "Everybody must get stoned." Get back to me, girl.....