Friday, May 18, 2012


From the on-line Mailbox of the Orangeville Citizen May 17, 2012

Sound legal opinion
Re: ‘Tempest in a teapot?’ in your May 3 issue:

There is a sound legal opinion in the Amberley Gavel Report (August 2011) regarding the role of Mulmur Deputy Mayor Rhonda Campbell-Moon as a member of County Council.

The report clearly states that “a lower tier (township) council cannot dictate how one of its members ought to vote at an upper tier (county) council.”

I have recently experienced a situation that was similar to that of the deputy mayor, in that Mulmur Council took “both harsh and direct” and accusatory action toward me.

I believe that the Mulmur council has taken actions “beyond the authority of council” with both the deputy mayor and myself, all in an effort to intimidate and silence those who ask questions and hold them accountable.

In order for council to represent the interests of the public they should seek input and community collaboration, not personal attacks and silencing tactics. No wonder ratepayers stay clear of council meetings.

Randy Pendleton

DEAR MR. PENDLETON (and Campbell Moon and her Council cohort):

You may not realize it, but Amberley Gavel is NOT a law firm nor is their report in anyway shape or form a "legal opinion". 

It can't be a legal opinion as the meeting investigator is not retained as a lawyer.

AND as far as the Deputy Mayor not having to vote the way Council tells her....that may be so, but she is going to find out the hard way they were doing her a favour as she seems to have an absolute lack of political acuity.

Mulmur Council requested the Deputy Mayor vote at County Council in a particular way, because unlike her, they sought input as to how the community wanted them to vote on the rail issue.

I believe the Deputy Mayor will find this out the hard way at the next municipal election.

In the meantime, think of all the taxpayer money she is wasting on frivoulous lawsuits, based on nothing more than hurt feelings. 

Just wondering: why she is so fiscally concerned about how much the Honeywood arena costs to operate, but has no qualms about bankrupting the municipality with her personal vendentta, I mean lawsuit, paid for by taxpayers and her poor husband.


  1. Anonymous19 May, 2012

    Just wondering how Rhonda's Council cohort gets to meetings since it appears she is under a driving ban......

  2. Anonymous21 May, 2012

    Mr. Pendleton,
    The reason most people stay away from council meetings in Mulmur Is because of the banalities that dominate the proceedings when Ms. Campbell Moon and yourself are present. Seldom have I witnessed so much self importance and staggering small mindedness, as well as a complete lack of vision, as I have from you and Ms. C. M. You should both be ashamed of yourselves. For the sake of the residents of Mulmur township grow up and quit your frivolous nonsense.
    Roll on the next municipal election.